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Pool water care products at low prices coupled with fast service, a comprehensive range and knowledgeable consultants, that’s what HealthClub Partners offer.  To simplify your job, we’ve made our price list public; we’re one of the few companies to take this bold step.

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Sanitisers - Chlorine, Bromine

Keep the Bugs out of your Pool & Spa

Water Balance (pH-/pH+ etc.)

Maintain the Correct Level of Pool Water pH

Water Quality Products (Flocculants, Softeners, etc.)

Crystal Clear Water with the aid of Flocculants and Anti-Foamers

Cleaners & Specialty Products

Tile & Liner Cleaner, De-Scaler, Grease Remover, Algaecide

Water Testing Tablets etc.

Water Testing Tables

Health & Safety Products

Respirators, Eye Wash, Chemical Spill Kits


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A publicly available price list saves you lots of shopping around time and helps to ensure that you, the commercial pool/spa customer, receive the best prices possible.

Maintaining pool & spa water in a commercial pool or spa is no easy task.  The first job is to keep bacterial, algae and other microbes at bay.  The HealthClub Partners comprehensive range of  sanitisers provides you with a wide variety of options; for pools, these are chlorine based and include granules, tablets and liquid chlorine.  For spa pools, bromine  is the preferred traditional disinfectant.

Water balance, along with sanitising is a key element of pool & spa maintenance.   That's why HealthClub Partners offers pH, water hardness and  total alkalynity balancers.

Water quality products such as floculants and foam inhibitors help you to maintain the type of pool & spa water that your members want to be in.

As part of our one-stop-shop approach, HealthClub Partners offer an excellent range of pool and spa cleaners & specialty products.  These include de-scalers and water line mark inhibitors

Wow!  When you're done with all these tasks, you'll still need to confirm that it's all working with our water testing products.

Don't forget to be safe while diligently maintaining your water, with the HealthClub Partners range of health & safety products, including masks, respirators, eyewash and a chemical spill kit.

When using pool chemicals, always follow the label directions, take expert advice and never mix products.



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