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HealthClub Partners launches ABC Wipes  


 Anti Bacterial Cleaning (ABC) Wipes are a great way of keeping your gym free of harmful germs throughout the day.



Show MRSA No Mercy

HealthClub Partners TM, Britain’s leading health club amenities supply company, announces the launch of ABC TM Wipes, the world’s toughest gym equipment wipes.   Providing disinfecting wipes is one of the most important services a gym can offer.  It’s all too common for a club member to leave their sweat on the machine, after use. ABC TM Wipes will empower your members and your staff, to clean and disinfect your equipment between uses. 


ABC TM Wipes have the highest tested germicidal effectiveness and are certified to kill, E.Coli, Tuberculosis, Flu Viruses and many other harmful pathogens. Yet with naturally occuring ethanol as the active ingredient, they’re gentle on your precious equipment and your members.  Your accountant will like them too since they are available for as little as £17.50 per 1,000 wipes which equates to less than 0.9 pence per cleaning/disinfecting, assuming 2 equipment cleanings per wipe.


ABC Gym Wipes are available in both a 1,000 wipe refill pack for use in dispensers around the gym, as well as a handy 200 count tub that can either be carried around, or wall mounted.  Our ABC dispenser range is designed with your gym in mind.  Dispensing options include stainless steel combi floor-stand, sleek ABS wall-mounted and portable hand-held dispensers.  So if you want top marks in gym hygiene, switch to ABC… ASAP.


In addition to wipes, HealthClub Partners provides hundreds of changing room products such as shampoos, eucalyptus and other steam & stauna essences, direct from the manufacturer.  HealthClub Partners is your one stop health club shop.


For free samples, to place an order, or for more information, please call  0800 269684 or visit


 HealthClub Partners – Woodside Park, Works Road, Letchworth, HERTS  SG6 1LA.   Tel: (01462) 473044,,



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 – Sept 2012---



HealthClub Partners launches SteamAroma Nano  





– a highly reliable, affordable steam room essence pump.



Transform your steam room into an aromatherapy experience!

SteamAroma Nano Steam Room Aroma Dispenser of Club Aroma products from HealthClub Partners, Letchworth, UK.


Let’s face it; most steam rooms produce a less than pleasant odour at some stage during the day.  Unchecked, this negative experience will cost you clients.


While cleaning and sanitising are paramount, sometimes your members can thwart your best laid plans.  That’s why it’s so important to supplement your steam room maintenance routine with Club Aroma essences, dispensed by the SteamAroma Nano from HealthClub Partners.


SteamAroma Nano is a fully automatic, reliable and accurate peristaltic essence pump.  Just set and forget.  It turns on and off with your steam generator and installs in less than half an hour.


Despite it’s small size, Nano packs a powerful punch.  It can fragrance even the largest Turkish steam bath, yet it’s adjustable enough to produce a subtle aroma in small steam rooms.


Available in Eucalyptus and eight other delightful essences, our aromatherapy quality Club Aroma essences will transform your steam room into an aroma haven, while SteamAroma Nano delivers the dose. SteamAroma Nano is available now, from HealthClub Partners for £195.00.  For more information, contact HealthClub Partners.


HealthClub Partners – 3 Woodside Park, Works Road, Letchworth, HERTS  SG6 1LA.         Tel: (01462) 473044,,



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