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SaunAroma Deluxe SaunAroma aromas are dispensed by the SaunAroma Deluxe.


Making saunas smell nice is an especially challenging task.  A hot room with porous surfaces is a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of smell-producing nasties.  That’s why it’s important to maintain the sauna in a clean and disinfected state before introducing a beautiful aroma.


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Unlike steam rooms, saunas have no handy steam pipe through which aroma can be introduced.  So HealthClub Partners’ SaunAroma Deluxe makes use of nebulisation, a technique by which the aroma is burst into micro-droplets.  These aroma-rich droplets are fed through a small tube that runs from the outside of the sauna to the inside, producing a gentle vapour.


Each Sauna Aroma is a mixture of various pure oils, without a carrier base.  Years of usage has shown this to be a highly effective aroma concept for dosing saunas.  For instance, Lavendar and Eucalyptus mix is a beautiful combination that goes nicely in saunas and brings out the best in each aroma.


Another technique is to use our Pinewood SaunAroma.  The Pinewood SaunAroma is an aroma reservoir with absorbent wicks that disseminate the essence through natural evaporation.  This dispenser uses our Steam Room and Sauna Aromas.


Finally, a Spray Bottle is an effective, but labour intensive way of providing aroma.  We advise you to keep the Spray Bottle with your staff, away from your customers and to spray only when needed, or on demand.  In fact, it’s a good idea to have a Spray Bottle ready as a back up or in order to top up the hot areas as needed.





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