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Britain’s gym memberships are won in the the locker areas of her health clubs, to paraphrase Wellington. Your changing area is where your members need to unwind, after a tough workout.  Therefore, it makes sense to create a comfortable, inviting and sparkling-clean changing area. 


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Hair & Body Washes

Combined Hair & Body Washes

Hair Conditioners

Hair Conditioners for Shiney, Tangle-Free Hair

Liquid Hand Wash

Gentle Liquid Hand Wash with Aloe Vera.

Amenity Shelf Dispensers

Customized Amenity Dispensers with your Logo

Boudica Sulphate Free Shampoo, Sulfate Free Shampoo
Boudica Sulphate Free Shampoo

Boudica Sulphate Free Shampoo & Conditioner


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Once you've created your ideal facility, count on HealthClub Partners to provide you with your on-going locker room needs.  These includes shampoos, body washes and conditioners that are safe and effective, with prices that are tailored to your budget.  We guarantee the quality of these products since they are made in our own UK facility.  

For clubs boasting more affluent clients, we offer a complete range of extras, including moisture lotions, deodorants, hair sprays, toners, cotton balls, q-tips and much more.

We also provide Europe's most innovate amenity dispensing systems.  These include dispensers branded with your own logo, which is a great way of promoting your facility.

With the weigh of traffic, locker rooms need help air freshening help, even if you do a great job of cleaning.  What about those essentials such as wet bags and wipes that your members can't do without. Count on HealthClub Partners for these too.

For changing rooms with saunas and steam rooms, we carry a complete range of accessories including sauna buckets, ladles and many other products.

HealthClub Partners is your one stop shop for all your locker room needs.   



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