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Making your steam room or sauna smell nice is no easy task.  Before adding a beautiful aroma, all causes of mal-odour need to be eliminated.  Next comes the equally challenging task of introducing a desirable aroma in a consistent manner, eighteen hours per day, 365 days per year. See our HCP Club Cleaning & Maintenance section on how to resolve cleaning issues.  In this section, we show you how to provide the aroma.

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Eucalyptus Milk Concentrate - 25L
Concentrated eucalyptus essence in a 25 litre bottle.
Eucalyptus Milk Concentrate - 5L
Concentrated eucalyptus essence in a 5 litre bottle.
Eucalyptus Milk Super-Concentrate - 25L
Super-concentrated eucalyptus essence in a 25 litre bottle.
Eucalyptus Milk Super-Concentrate - 5L
Super-concentrated eucalyptus essence in a 5 litre bottle.
Spray Bottle - with Lock for Saunas & Steam Rooms - 950 ml
Deluxe spray bottle for use with your favorite Club Aroma natural fragrance. Tether sold separately.
Tether for Locking Spray Bottle for Saunas & Steam Rooms
Tether your spray bottle on your own ledge just outside the sauna or steam room.
Steamaroma Nano Automatic Essence Pump

Automatic steam room aroma pump.

Menthol Crystals - Club Aroma - Steam Room & Sauna Aroma

Crisp, clean, appealing aroma - 1 kg.



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For steam rooms, we suggest our Sauna & Steam Room essences found in this section (yes, these aromas can be used in saunas, with the aid of a Spray Bottle ).  However, these aromas have a carrier base that is specifically chosen to work beautifully in steam rooms.  Eucalyptus is the most popular (there are several eucalyptus varieties), but certainly not your only option.  


For maximum dispensing ease and reliability, use either the SteamAroma Nano or the SteamAroma Pico. More info?  020 3872 2502 . These are fully automatic aroma dispensers that pump metered amounts of aroma directly into your steam pipe, where the aroma gets vaporized and passed into your steam room.  The SteamAroma Nano is wired directly into your steam generator, whereas the SteamAroma Pico can be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet.  It makes sense to use a 24 hour or seven day timer with the SteamAroma Pico.  Both of these units can give you a month or more of unattended aroma dosing.


Another way of dispensing Club Aroma is with a Spray Bottle.  We advise that your staff maintain the Spray Bottle, and that they not leave it with your members.  The obvious disadvantage of this method is the lack of automation.  However, it’s a good idea to have a Spray Bottle with you as a back up or in order to top up the hot areas as needed.



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