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Mal-odour, especially in the changing room, will quickly put your members off.  It’s therefore important for membership retention, to properly manage air quality.  HealthClub Partners’ air fresheners can be used in any area of the facility.  They are the perfect compliment, rather than a substitute, for excellence in hygiene .  To tackle the hygiene challenge, please see our many hygiene products, specifically tailored for leisure and fitness facilities.



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AIROMA Unit - Air Freshener-Takes Citrus, Cool Wave, Mystique or Zero

Airoma™ is the perfect air freshener for many areas of the leisure facitily, especially changing rooms..

Citrus Zest Fragrance (12 x 270ml Airoma Refills)
A burst of citrus fruits. 12 pack fragrance cartrides work with Airoma™ dispenser.
Cool Wave Fragrance (12 x 270ml Airoma Refills)
Masculine sandlewood and citrus mix. 12 pack fragrance cartrides work with Airoma™ dispenser.
Mystique Spice Fragrance (12 x 270ml Airoma Refills)
Feminine fragrance with rich spices and woody notes. 12 pack fragrance cartrides work with Airoma™ dispenser.
Zero - Odour Eliminator (12 x 270ml Airoma Refills)
The perfect odour neutraliser. 12 pack fragrance cartrides work with Airoma™ dispenser.


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HealthClub Partners carries two types of air fresheners; 1) Scent-free & 2) Scented


Our scent-free air purifier, Prozone , is based on ozone purification.  Ozone is nature’s air purifier and is produced, for instance during lightning strikes.  It kills odours and after use, reverts to safe, standard oxygen without adding a fragrance. Our  Prozone Ozone unit plugs into a standard wall outlet.  It’s perfect for clubs that do not wish to add a scent to their air.


Our  Airoma scented air fresheners are effective in room sizes up to 200m3 / 6000ft3.  They come with adjustable fragrance levels, and operate on two low cost "C" cell batteries, with up to 3-year battery life.  They automatically deliver small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals, in order to keep malodour at bay. The dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options, and can be set to match your exact location conditions. Airoma is available with four desirable fragrance varieties: CitrusCool Wave, Mystique, Zero, a superb smell neuraliser




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