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Amenity Shelf Dispensers

It’s all about branding.  Why not showcase your club’s logo in your shower or counter top area?  HealthClub Partners stainless steel amenity shelves are attractive, and available in convenient lotion or spray holders.

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Single Stainless Bracket

Single Stainless Steel Bracket for 950 ml Oblong Amenity Bottle.

Double Stainless Bracket

Double Stainless Steel Bracket for 950 ml Oblong Amenities Bottles.

Triple Stainless Bracket

Triple Stainless Steel Bracket for 950 ml Oblong Amenities Bottles.  Amenity holders are for use with HealthClub Partners personal care products.

Sprayers - Twin Bracket - Holds 2 x 8 oz. Bottles

Stainless Steel Twin Spray Bottle Bracket for 240 ml. Round Amenities Bottles.

950 ml Oblong Bottle w/o pump

950 ml Oblong Amenities Bottle for Stainless Steel Brackets

Pump for 950 ml Oblong Bottle

Pump for 950 ml Oblong Amenity Bottle

250 ml Spray Bottles with Spray Top

240 ml Round Amenity Bottle for Twin Stainless Steel Bracket

Tether for 250 ml Spray Bottles

Tether for 240 ml Spray Bottles


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HealthClub Partners amenity bottles lock into our stainless steel brackets.  The one, two or three bottle brackets are attached to the shower wall, or can be placed on a sink counter top.  Examples of the three lotion set-ups include: one bottle bracket - hair/body wash, two bottle bracket - shampoo, conditioner, three bottle bracket - shampoo, conditioner, hair/body wash, or    hand wash, moisture lotion, toner.

Lotion bottles' substantial size (0.95 litres) and space efficient rectangular shape, mean greater space efficiency and fewer refill trips for your staff.  

For deodorant sprays, our handy 250 ml bottles fit our twin brackets beautifully.  

Of course, for clubs that do not require branding and prefer a more traditional dispenser, HealthClub Partners has a large selection in a variety of sizes and finishes.

HealthClub Partners amenity shelves are highly eco-friendy, since they are re-used and refilled from large 5 litre bottles, which themselves use about 80% less plastic than small bottles or pre-set refill pouches.



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