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In addition to maintaining excellent pool water, it’s also important to keep the shell that holds the water in good shape.  Dirt, grease and scale buildup are all problems associated with pools and spas.

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SUNSPOT - Tile & Liner Cleaner - 10L (2x5L)
Eliminates body oils and make-up marks from pool tiles and liner.
BLUE HORIZONS Waterline cleaner - 10 x 1L
Removes oil, hard water stains and scale at the water line.
BLUE HORIZONS - MaxClean (Heavy duty degreaser) - 2 x 5L
Heavy duty grease remover for pools and spas
POOLWISE - ScaleAway (Acid descaler) - 2 x 5kg
Acid descaler for pools and spas.
ABC - AllClean (General purpose cleaner) - 2 x 5kg
General purpose cleaner for pools and spas.
SUNSPOT Super Algaecide Concentrate - 12 x 1L

Supplements chlorine for preventing and combating algae formation.



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Keeping the sides of pool dirt and grease free is a challenge, especially since using an ordinary household cleaner may affect your pool chemistry in unknown ways.  HealthClub Partners offers the Sunspot pool tile & liner cleaner, specifically designed to minimise the impact on sensitive pool chemistry.

Pool and spa waterlines are known to leave a ring or stain at the side.  For the waterline ring itself, we recommend the Biogard pool waterline cleaner.  Biogard pool waterline cleaner is perfect for removing oil, hard water stains, scale and other waterline discolorations.

For a general purpose pool cleaner, we suggest Poolwise Allclean.  For removing heavy duty grease build-up, Poolwise Maxclean is an excellent pool degreaser. Need a pool descaler that won't otherwise mess up your pool chemistry?  Try Poolwise Scaleaway.

Algae is also a problem that affects many pools.  If you find that chlorine is not enough, try the Sunspot Super Algaecide Concentrate, an excellent pool water algaecide.


All of these specialty pool cleaning products from HealthClub Partners, are designed to minimize the impact on your pool or spa water chemistry.

When using pool chemicals, always follow the label, take expert advice and never mix products.



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