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Nothing is more important than running your water relaxation area in a safe manner.  HealthClub Partners offer a variety of safety equipment in order to help you to do just that.  

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Half Mask Respirator and Filters

Protects nose and mouth.

Full Mask Respirator and Filters

Protects nose, mouth and eyes. For best practice use in the plant room.

45L Chemical Spill Kit
Spills will occur. Be prepared with this safe and effective kit.
Eye Wash Cabinet (including bottles and bandages)
Easy to use eye protection system. Vital for rapid assistance when an accident happens.
Blue Over-Shoes (100)
Helps keep pool area spotless.
Over-Shoe Dispenser
Convenient, consistent over-shoe dispenser.


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Our half mask respirator, will afford your staff respiratory protection when handling dangerous chemicals such as chlorine.  For added protection, our full mask respirator will also protect the eyes and face.

If foreign matter does get into the eyes, you'll be grateful that you have our pool chemical eye wash, for immediate care, while help is on the way.

And our professional standard pool chemical spill kit is essential, since pool chemicals require specialty clean-up equipment.

When using pool chemicals, always follow the label directions, take expert advice and never mix products.



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