Green Products


Green Products

At HealthClub Partners, protecting the environment is our top priority.  The earth is a gift which must be maintained and preserved for us as well as for future generations. 


So we embrace the green movement as follows:


·         Our products contain renewable resources whenever possible

·         We cut down on transport and packaging

·         We use natural ingredients in our products

·         We use ingredients that are effective, but gentle on people


Locker Room Amenities – made from renewable resources, extra gentle


Spa locker room amenities are typically made from over 90% renewable resources, a very high figure.  Our shampoos and shower gels are mainly derived from coconuts.  Our moisture lotions contain natural shea butter and jojoba oil.  Preservatives can be a source of controversy in today’s personal care products.  So we continually spend more on our products to ensure that you receive the safest, but most effective preservatives and other ingredients.


Wipes – Avoid creating resistant pathogens


The hidden danger of wipes is using one that’s not effective.  An ineffective wipe could eventually result in the creation of resistant bugs – an environmental disaster.  That’s why we recommend using a full spectrum disinfecting wipe such as ABC Wipes.  ABC wipes have been scientifically documented to eliminate the germs that could otherwise plague your facility. Tough on germs…gentle on people.


Cleaners – Safe & Green


Most of our super-tough cleaners are made from 99% or higher natural ingredients.  While gentle on your members, they provide the tough cleaning punch needed to keep your facility in tip top shape.



Fact vs. Fiction


At HealthClub Partners, we feel that the issues of health and environment outweigh those of pure commercial gain.  Unfortunately, we see many under-informed or less than scrupulous companies who exploit unsubstantiated negative (or positive) ingredient claims for their own commercial benefit.


We take guidance from governmental advisory groups, the medical community and our own network of oncologists, pathologists and distinguished chemists to ensure that you receive the safest and most effective products.


We’ll never make false claims about other companies in order to advance our own commercial agenda and we would encourage other companies to take a similar principled stand.






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