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Water Quality Products (Flocculants, Softeners, etc.)

Crystal clear pool water is the goal of every professional pool manager.  Even if your water has the ideal levels of sanitizer and pH, it may still appear cloudy or foamy.  Clear that water with flocculants and anti-foaming products from HealthClub Partners.

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BLUE HORIZONS - Kibbled Aluminium Sulphate 25kg Bag
Large flakes that dissolve and serve as a floculant (coagulant) for crystal clear pool water.
Sparkle Tabs (10 x 50g tablets)
Floculant used in conjunction with a sand filter. Maintains crystal clear.pool water.
POOLWISE - Ultrafloc 20L Container
Liquid floculant. Maintains crystal clear.pool water.
PAC Liquid Floc 20L Container
Liquid floculant, poly aluminium chloride. Quickly clears green pools when used with other chemicals.
BLUE HORIZONS - Antifoam - 6x1L
Silicone based anti foamer, mainly for spa pools. User-friendly 1 litre bottles.
BLUE HORIZONS - Antifoam - 25L
Silicone based anti foamer, mainly for spa pools. Economical 25 litre container.
AQUASOL - Salt Water Softener 25kg Bag
For use with salt water pools. Maintain levels at 2,500 to 4,000 parts per million.


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Dust and other types of particles are prevalent in the atmosphere and in your local environment.  These particles settle into your pool water and are often too small to be eliminated by your filters. Excessive microscopic particles can cause your pool water to look cloudy and over time may damage your water circulation equipment.

Flocculants draw these particles together into larger clumps which can be eliminated by your filtration system.

All spas and pools have members who do not follow the showering procedure mandated prior to use. These folks often introduce products into the pool or spa such as shampoo residue or loose skin cells. The result is an unattractive foam, floating on your beautiful spa pool water.

Not to worry.  Silicone based anti-foaming products from HealthClub Partners eliminate this problem.  

Finally, maintaining water softness is key for salt water pools.  Count on Aquasol from HealthClub Partners pool water softness.

When using pool chemicals, always follow the label, take expert advice and never mix products.



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