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The old adage “Cleanliness is next to G-dliness” rings especially true for gyms.  A sparkling, clean-smelling club is a real turn on.  A virtual a dungeon has the opposite effect. 


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ABC Wipes & Dispensers

ABC Sanitising Gym Wipes for Gym Equipment and all around the Leisure Facility

HealthClub Hygiene
HCP Club Cleaning & Maintenance

Spray-Based Cleaners & Sanitisers that are Perfect for Health Clubs.

Alco Gel Hand Sanitizer

Gentle, alcohol-based hand gel sanitiser. 

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners for Locker Rooms, Gym Areas and all around the club.

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Cleaning (removal of all organic material) and sanitising (killing of bacterial, viral & fungal pathogens) are both critical.  It’s important for gym owners to understand the difference, even when outsourcing this function.  Cleaning without sanitizing, would allow the pathogens to grow back.  Disinfecting without cleaning would leave an organic medium in which the germs could hide and grow back when the coast is clear.   H1N1, MRSA, TB are all uninvited gym guests that have failed to pay their gym membership fee and need to be shown the door.


Moist, warm, dark rooms such as saunas and steam rooms are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew and other unwanted smelly enemies.  Ditto for gyms, in which the equipment is often dripping with sweat.  The same concepts applies to the human hands which touch your equipment.  Hands also need to be cleaned and disinfected.


The idea is to choose a sanitiser/cleaner that will kill the nasties, without doing the same to their human relatives, or your equipment.  What’s harmful to germs, generally has at least a minimal harmful effect on us too.   Materials such as wood, tile, vinyl and even metal and acrylic can be delicate.  Therefore bleach, ammonia and other harsh disinfectants are not recommended for delicate areas.


One of the first choices faced by gym owners is whether to use wipes or a spray.  This decision is influenced by a number of factors including club area, type of club, time of day, personal preference etc.  That’s why HealthClub Partners offers such a large variety of cleaners/disinfectants, designed specifically for each area of your club.


Finally, once the place is clean & sanitized, don’t forget that final important touch of freshening the air.



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